When do you plan to start the proposed training sessions?

As of April 15, 2021, we still hope to be able, with our partners, to offer post-recruitment training from the beginning of October 2021.

Will there be a registration fee?

Interested persons who have completed the registration request form and are selected to follow the two sessions of the program will have to pay a fee of $ 250. This sum will make these students life members of the ETNA Group solidarity cooperative, becoming eligible to obtain paid employment(s) in the regional tourism industry, whether in Minganie and / or in the Lower North Shore (including Anticosti Island), in the Innu environment and / or in one of the French-speaking (or English-speaking) villages of the region concerned.

How does the ETNA Group, as a solidarity cooperative, see the training offered in northern tourism as part of its pilot project?

This is a new initiative taking a dynamic approach in Innu communities and two regional county municipalities: Minganie and Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent.

The proposed approach includes an upgrade that may be required in certain cases so that any interested candidate who has not completed high school can enroll in the proposed training, following analysis of the request. Taking into account the partnerships established with school service centers, with First Nations and with vocational colleges (recognized in tourism), the upgrading stage is not necessarily required for many cases otherwise it is quickly completed when applicable.

Candidates from the region or elsewhere in Quebec (or even other provinces or countries) will then benefit from the training of choice in the very environments in which they will have to work, pursuing a career in northern tourism.

On the other hand, it is an itinerant training allowing everyone to know the region and experience it: its coastline, its hinterland, its islands, to become familiar with First Nations society.

Will the employer members (companies) of the ETNA Group with human resources needs have to pay costs in addition to their initial social share to place their requests in connection with a position to be filled?

Yes, because it is a member service with follow-up, which may include the recruitment of the workforce and the posting of the position on several relevant platforms including in college or university institutions. The service also includes the referral or placement of people deemed to be good candidates, declared as suitable for the designated job.

The requests transmitted must be accompanied by an initial payment corresponding to 1/3 of the recruitment & training package for the agreed tasks and conditions, the balance to be paid once the position is filled. Consulting services may also be included in said flat-rate service. The total package could be between $ 350 and $ 500 depending on the services provided by the ETNA Group.

Could municipalities, companies, member associations of the ETNA Group benefit from consultancy services via the ETNA Group to develop their project and thus benefit from support until the creation and use of the necessary human resources?

Yes, absolutely! The ETNA Group is in contact with various consulting firms, some of which are already members. A variety of services can be provided by the solidarity cooperative, Groupe ETNA, the latter collaborating with the MRCs, economic development offices, with the regional tourist association and various other bodies that can help members. This type of service will be offered through the ETNA Group as part of a request for quotation process.

Face-to-face or online course? Do I have to “leave home” to take advantage of the training?

It is preferable to be on site at the determined location, whether within one or other of the First Nations communities adhering to the program and in the many village communities on the coast and in Anticosti, rather than to find themselves at a distance in front of the screen. A certain form of roaming being favored at the group level (ie movement of the cohort on the territory) particularly in Session A (common core), the experience will be all the more genuine, links will be forged, the "taste of the North Shore ”will develop quite naturally as a new adventure. Each person registered for the training will be accommodated in the most private way possible (single or double room near the course locations or even in the buildings where the training is offered). As for the B sessions (choice of qualification branches), because they include practical activities (like internships), it becomes more than essential to come together physically to learn the "trades" offered in the field. and with a range of employers.